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December 20, 2008
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So this is Casino Style Blackjack following Las Vegas Strip rules. Only as it is still V0.5 a few things aren't done, namely insurance (which I think is a stupid bet anyway) and splitting (Will be the next thing to be done). So for those who don't know dealer must draw on 16 and stand on 17-21, Blackjack pays 3:2 and you can double down on anything. This is a single deck in case you want to count cards ;).

If anyone wishes to draw some nicer chips that would be good, I hadn't noticed how bad mine were until I saw Jen's in the background...

My highscore is 20k :)

Features For Future Versions:
* Changeable Decks
* Changeable Backgrounds
* Splitting
* Insurance
* Persistent Cash (Saves your amount of money)
* A few minor bugs fixed, eg: auto sit on a natural

Click the chips to make your bet, then when you are done click deal. From there use hit, sit and double to make your move.

:iconsimcablack: - Background, [link]
:iconyozzo: - Card Graphics, [link]
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Looks professional, very well done! I like everything about it, really. You might want to increase the framerate more, to make it run the draw, hits, everything faster. Also, you might want to make a movieclip somewhere in the game that flashes/fades/flows either LOSE or WIN or something along those lines, maybe even how much they lost or won, just makes it more user friendly I guess. ***** :thumbsup"
Thanks for your nice comment :)

Glad to hear that it looks professional as I intend to use it as a major portfolio component when I get around to finishing it (paid work takes priority atm)

This is a rather outdated version now. The most current one utilises a notification system based on Growl that I've developed for flash for win/lose/etc

Increasing the frame rate would have absolutely no effect on the speed of the animations as I have used pretty much pure code and all animation is controlled in seconds using Tweener. I have a feeling I increased the speed a bit once I had the notifications in place.
Ah I see, you coded all the movement ect. Should of realized that.

it gives me a great feeling to see my contribution in really cool projects, and blackjack is my favorite casino game :D i never lose!
Mikey, that is awesome.
Love it.
Thanks a lot for uploading, I'm a gambler so it's fun to have a casino without paying online money or even moving my ass to a real one :D
Thankies for using my bg, I'm honoured and happy :D
As for the chips - I might get some time in January, so if the demand will still be here - I can try helping you out =)
Though the chips probably shouldn't be too detailed, I suppose.
To me yours look nice :D
No problem I'm honoured to be able to use it :D

Yeah I'm a bit of a gambler too. The demand would still be there because this is a small part of a much larger game that will hopefully have lots of casino games such poker (Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5 Card Stud) and Roulette, etc. My plan is to have the finished copy to showcase my programming skills to potential employers.

Not sure if they should be too detailed either because they have to be resized to be small most of the time anyway.
Wow! So basically, you're a programmer *or do you call it programmist out there..?*? Sounds cool.
That's actually really really awesome. Seriously impressed here.
Yeah programmer is one my titles lol, I'm mainly a web developer though. :)
That's awesome :D
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